Northern Ireland

We are looking for amateur food photographers who might be interested in a free listing and participating in a blogging project. For more information

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Food Photographers in Northern Ireland & the UK – I knew photography would be my career since I was 14 and I left school at 18 driving a car which was bought with money earned behind the lens to start an apprenticeship in Belfast based studio ‘Advertising Photography’. We shot work for banks, government agencies, retailers, manufacturers and the food and beverage industries. I loved it! My parents had hoped I would follow my Father into engineering so it was with some relief, shortly after completing my apprenticeship, that I landed the newly vacant position of Production Manager and it all started to look like a proper career to my folks. I took the decision to become self-employed in 1993 and continue to make my living as a photographer to this day, my work in recent years being for a mix of advertising and corporate/industrial clients with a growing trend towards moving images in the latter.