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One Tambon One Product (OTOP) is a local entrepreneurship stimulus program. It aims to support the locally made and marketed products of each Thai  sub-district or village. Drawing its inspiration from Japan’s successful One Village One Product (OVOP) program, the OTOP program encourages village communities to improve the local products’ quality and marketing, selecting one superior product from each tambon to receive formal branding as its “starred OTOP product”. It provides both a local and national stage to the promote these products. OTOP products include a large array of local products, including traditional handicrafts, cotton and silk garments, pottery, fashion accessories, household items and food.


The program’s name was changed to Local and Community Products, but the OTOP brand was kept.


One of the mechanisms to promote and support the development of Thai OTOP products is the Product Champion. Besides setting up OTOP communities and Small to Medium Enterprises (SME), a seminar called “Smart OTOP” has provided participants advice in improving their skills and knowledge in order to develop better products. The number of participants increases each year.


A rating system for OTOP products is followed, the highest being five stars. Consumers can be sure of the quality of anything awarded this level.


There is an annual exhibition of products called “OTOP midyear”.

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  1. We are a group planning to visit Betong since Thailand has open her border to foreign travellers .
    Please advise the location address of OTOP Centre at Betong as we plan to support the local products with quality .

    1. I am not sure whether OTOP has an official outlet in Yala province. They tend to centralise and ironically, the best place to find OTOP products is in Bangkok and the airport.

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