Original Coffee

Caffe Boran or ancient coffee is as rich and sweet as it is synonymous with Thailand. This is the Thailand of street side cafés early mornings pa tong kor and a slow, relaxed pace of life.

Thai Coffee kafae boran

It’s a local tradition. Developed during WWII, it was the answer to scarce—and expensive—coffee. In order to reduce consumption, grains were added during the roasting process. The coffee typically contains dark roasted robusta with brown sugar, corn, brown rice, sesame, soy beans, salt, butter, or even tamarind seeds. Similar to the Vietnamese coffee. But the brewing method is what differentiates it. Ground coffee is put in a cotton bag filter or a ‘sock filter’ and steeped in boiling water. Sweetened, condensed, or evaporated milk is then added and I am afraid that is me.


Done and dusted. Who needs speciality coffees and the hype that goes with it.


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